Pancake House

Smoked Tinapa for 32 AED; Daing na Bangus for 32 AED Chicken Set with 1 kg of rice (5 pcs of rice) for 39 AED It is such a relief that Pancake House is finally at Abu Dhabi. Compared to the Dubai Mall's branch of noise and ambiance, Abu Dhabi is way better. Prices are … Continue reading Pancake House

Dip N Dip

Dip n Dip Crepe for 45 AED Chocolate Molten Cake for 40 AED Affogato for 20 AED My husband complied to my cravings. Whenever we passed by this store, it was always jam-packed and the seats were even up to the outside corners. Arabs love chocolates and it is a fact that obesity is highly … Continue reading Dip N Dip


This Japanese restaurant has an oriental vibe with earth element of bamboo. Complimentary tea and a chicken tempura was served while waiting for the food. California Maki (44 AED) and Fawaz Maki (57 AED) Nabeyaki Udon (49 AED), Salmon Crab and Avocado (47 AED) If I have to say something brutally honest of this restaurant, … Continue reading Wakame