This Japanese restaurant has an oriental vibe with earth element of bamboo. Complimentary tea and a chicken tempura was served while waiting for the food. California Maki (44 AED) and Fawaz Maki (57 AED) Nabeyaki Udon (49 AED), Salmon Crab and Avocado (47 AED) If I have to say something brutally honest of this restaurant, … Continue reading Wakame


Early Miscarriage and Trusting Again

It has been ten days since I knew that I "lost" the baby. I kept on denying about it and comforting myself that it was God's way of protection. The preparation phase wasn't easy. I had to do a hormone test in the Philippines to correct any findings. Take religiously Vitamin D, Folic Acid, Metformin, Dydrogesterone, … Continue reading Early Miscarriage and Trusting Again